About Us R&D Team

Dr. Huiyi Cai

Dr. Cai Huiyi, founder of Challenge group, majored in Animal Nutrition, researcher, doctoral supervisor.

He is now Director & PhD Supervisor in the Feed Research Institute(FRI) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Deputy director of National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center, Vice President of China FeedIndustry Research Institute,Vice President of China’s Animal Husbandry andFishing Economic Association, Chairman of China Feed Economy, Vice Director of ChinaAnimal Micro-ecology Association. 

Specializing in single stomach animalnutrition, poultry nutrition, trace substances nutritionsuch as vitamins, aminoacid, and feed science, has the original opinion in the animal nutrition andfeed science.

Dr. Huiyi Cai

Dr. Guangmin Zhang

Dr.Zhang Guangmin, majored in Animal Nutrition. R&D director of Beijing ChallengeBiotechnology Co. LTD., is responsible for product (except enzyme preparation) research and market service work.

Dr. Huiyi Cai

Dr. Haiou Tang

Dr.Tang Haiou in Animal Nutrition.Mainly engaged in enzyme applicationdevelopment research of the phytase, xylanase and cellulase and β-glucanase.

Dr. Huiyi Cai

Dr. Haiyan Wang

Dr.Wang Haiyan, majored in Animal Nutrition. Director of the Laboratory of BeijingChallenge Biotechnology Co. LTD., is responsible for the detection and analysisof various products, participate in research and development of new products,assist in the early stage of the international market development.

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