Introduction of Alemei NSP Enzymeβ-mannan is a kind of hemicellulose which widely exists in corn, soybean meal, sesame meal, coconut meal, palm meal and other feed raw materials, which is harmful to the digestion and absorption of animal nutrients. Among those β-mannan, water-soluble β-mannan is the most anti-nutritious hemicellulose, and its anti-nutritional effect is much higher than that of xylan and glucan.The anti-nutritional effect of β-mannan is mainly manifested in the following aspects: increasing the viscosity of intestinal chyme of livestock and poultry, and then resulting in difficult movement of intestinal contents.It hinders the interaction between digestive enzymes and substrate, produces physical obstacles to nutrient absorption, increases its water absorption, and reduces the expansion rate of chyme to the surface of mucous membrane, which greatly affects the absorption and utilization of nutrients. In addition, β-mannan is similar to the pathogen-related molecular structure, which can be recognized by pattern recognition receptors in the intestinal tract, thus inducing redundant immune response.Soluble mannan content in different feed materials (%)Raw materialSoluble mannan content44%CP Soybean meal1.4548%CP Soybean meal1.10Full-fat soybean 90000.90The double low rapeseed meal0.3934%CP sunflower seed meal0.36Coconut meal3.20Corn protein0.0340%CP guar seed meal7.9050%CP guar seed meal3.46Palm meal3.00Pea protein0.30Peanut meal0.36Wheat bran0.15Corn0.03Wheat...
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