Sodium Butyrate can settle some practical challenging problems, for instance, the unsound digestive system of weaning piglet resulting in the insufficient secretion of digestive enzyme and incomplete digestion for feeding stuff, and also the existence of antinutritional factors like glycinin leading to diarrhea and allergic damage of intestinal tunica mucosa, plays an important role in promoting growth of gastrointestinal tract and maintaining the completeness of structure and function of intestinal tunica mucosa. Chemical and Physical DataAppearance: White granule/CoatedCAS Number: 156-54-7Chemical StructureContent: 98%/30%Loss on Drying: Not more than 2.0%.Action Mechanism:■ Promote the growth and maturity of cells in gastrointestinal tract.      ■ Energy source of cells in gastrointestinal tract, especially in caecum and colon. ■ Keep the completeness of epithelia on small intestine membrane, promote the digestion and absorption of feed in small intestine.  ■ Maintain the normal status of epithelia of intestinal membrane and the effect of the membrane as a barrier.  ■ Protect the beneficial micropopulation in gastrointestinal tract.Functions: The special smell increases feed intake by up to 10%. Activate, supply and restore the intestinal epithelium. Increase the digestibility of nutritional ingredients. Improve the weight gain and decrease the possibility of diarrhea.Dosage:Shelf Life and Storage: ...
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