Chemical and Physical DataExcellent strain characteristicsAppearanceBrown powderColony Forming Unit1×1010 CFU/g~1×1011 CFU/gLoss on Drying ≤10%Particle Size420μm~840μmSpecific Gravity600 g/L ~800g/LContentCoated Enterococcus FaecalisUsageMix fully in the compound feedFunctions Colonize and enlarge in intestinal mucosa, prevent pathogenic bacteria colonization, create biologic barriers, especially for the young livestock and poultry. Produce mass digestible lactic acid, reduce pH value in gastrointestinal tract, and increase digestion and absorption of the nutrients, especially the absorption for calcium and phosphorus. Secrete bacteriocidal substance such as bacteriophage and peroxide, inhibit and kill the growth of pathogenic bacteria and adjust intestinal microecological balance.Promote intestinal immunocyte proliferation, increase immunity of the organism.DosagePackage25kg per bagNotesThe high-temperature pelleting process will not affect its usage and functions.Avoid to transport with hazardous, noxious, mordant substances, or other pollutant.Shelf Life and Storage12 months from date of production under proper conditions in a dry, well ventilated and cool place with packaging unopened.
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