Chemical and Physical Data:Enzyme Activity: 1,000U/g~3,000U/g Appearance: White or light yellow powderParticle size: 125~300μmLoss on Drying: Not more than 10%Enzyme Activity Definition:One α-galactosidase activity unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1µmol 4-nitrophenol from 4-nitrophenol α- D - pyran galactoside solution with the concentration of 10mM per minute at 37℃ and pH 5.5 under the conditions of the test.Functions:  Efficiently degrade the raffinose, stachyose and other anti-nutrients, reduce the animal diarrhea.Maintain high enzyme activity in animal gastrointestinal tract.Promote the utilization of amino acid, soybean meal and other energy, improve the animal performance.Restrain the excessive fermentation of microorganisms in intestinal tract, reduce the poisoning of pathogens, and enhance the immunity.Destroy the structure of cell wall, promote the release of nutrients in the cell. Maintain high stability in the process of feed storage.Recommended Dosage of α-galactosidase 1000 U/g:60~100g/MT in feedPackage: 25kg per bagUsage and Storage:This enzyme can use with xylanase, β- mannase and β- glucanase.Seal both internal and external package after use.Shelf Life: 12 months from date of production under proper conditions in a dry,well ventilated and cool place. There’s synergistic effect when α- galactosidase is applied with β- glucanase and β-mannanase. Application: granule concentrates and premix ...
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