Introduction of Challen GOX (Glucose Oxidase)Glucose oxidase catalyzes the reaction of glucose with oxygen to form gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which has a significant antibacterial and bactericidal effect. It is an ideal subsitution of some antibiotics. Beijing Challenge Group and Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences have jointly overcome several technical difficulties and developed a brand-new Challen GOX with stronger temperature resistance and better efficacy in animal intestinal environment. Challenge Group is the first enterprise to promote glucose oxidase in feed and breeding industry. By extensive trials, the product is testified to effectively control bacterial diarrhea in animals, to reduce the harm of feed mycotoxins to animal organisms, and improve animal performance. Challen GOX have been used widely in China, North America, Europe and Southeast Asia etc.Chemical and Physical CharacteristicsEnzyme Activity: 5000U/g,10000U/gAppearance: Light yellow power or granulePackage: 25kg/bagShelf Life and Storage: 12 months under proper conditions in a dry, well ventilated and cool place with packaging unopened, away from sunlight. Mode of ActionGlucose oxidase can consume molecular oxygen or atomic oxygen, oxidize glucose, and protect oxidizable components in feed. According to the reaction conditions, there are three forms of Glucose oxidase catalytic reaction :1 mol of oxygen is consumed when oxidize per 1 m...
Product NameGlucose OxidaseEnzyme Activity1,000U/gAppearance Light yellow granuleParticle size125~300μmLoss on Drying Not more than 10%Enzyme Activity DefinitionOne glucose oxidase activity unit(U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which oxidizes 1µmol β-D- glucose into D-gluconic acid and H2O2 at 30℃ and pH 6.0 under the conditions of the test.FunctionsØ Produce gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide in intestinal tract, reduce the gastrointestinal acidity, and restrain the pathogen.Ø Maintain the integrity of intestinal epithelial cells, and resist pathogen’s invasion.Ø Improve the acid digestion environment in intestinal tract, relieve the poisoning caused by mycotoxin and other drugs.Ø Reduce the use of acidifiers and antibiotics, save the feed cost.Recommended Dosage of Glucose Oxidase 1000 U/gSpeciesAdd amount(compound feed)U/kgg/tPiglet50~10050~100Growing pigs30~8030~80Finishign pigs30~8030~80Broiler Chicken30~10030~100La...
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