Product name: proteaseIntroduction of Promax MixPromax Mix is developed jointly by Beijing Challenge Group and Feed Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Based on strict colony selection and the new evaluation method by the automatic simulated digestion system (SDS), the product is characterized by remarkable improvement in temperature resistance and protein digestibility. Promax Mix acts with a wide PH range, complement the endogenous protease, improve protein and dry matter digestibility significantly and decrease the cost of protein ingredient. By decreasing the bad fermentation of undigested protein in hindgut, the health of animal intestinal tract and the production performance have been improved. By degrading anti-nutritional factors such as glycinin, globulin and trypsin inhibitor et al., animal diarrhea caused by high dose of soybean meal has been decreased. Generally, adding Promax Mix improves the environment and solves the shortage of protein feed ingredients.Characteristics1、Higher enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency2、More suitable for digestive environment3、Stronger stress resistance4、More stable qualityApplicationSpecies: Avian or Porcine (mainly for young animals)Dosage: 500g/t of piglet compound feed; 200-300g/t of other compound feedPackage25kg/bagShelf Life and Storage12 months under proper conditions in a dry, well ventilated and cool place with packaging unopened., away from sunlightWarningsStore in cool and dry place for maximum feed...
OverviewAcid protease derived from strains of Aspergillus Niger, under the condition of low pH,hydrolyze protein effectively, used in animal feed, feed-additives and feedcompositions as exogenous enzymes in the feed industry, or treat vegetableproteins.Action MechanismAcid protease contains aspartate inits active center, which can widely cut the peptide bond in amino acid, preferto cut the peptide bond between aromatic or hydrophobic amino acid residues atboth ends, especially the peptide bond between aromatic amino acid and otheramino acid, producing small peptides and amino acids.Product Characteristics1. Product specifications: 10,000 u/g~50,000u/g. powdered solid, enzyme fineness (0.4 mm standard screen) ≥80%2. Appearance characteristics: Brown powder3. Carrier: sweet potato flour4. Product standards: execute the People'sRepublic of China national standard GB/T23527-2009.Enzyme activity definitionOne acidprotease activity unit is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1μgtyrosine per minute from casein at 40℃ and pH 3.0.Optimum pHAcid protease’s optimum reaction pH is low, and basically coherent with thedigestive system of livestock and poultry. Make up for a lack of livestock andpoultry intestinal secretion of endogenous protease, improve proteindigestibility, reduce metabolic diarrhea when used in feed additive. Theeffective pH range is 2.0 to 6.0, the optimum pH is 4.0Temperature curveWhen temperature is lower than 30 ℃ or higher than 45 ℃, the relative en...
The shortage of feed protein resources is a long-term situation faced by animal husbandry industry in China, and raw materials of feed protein usually account for a large proportion in animal diet, so formula cost is high. Therefore, the shortage of protein has not only become an crucial problem restricting the development of animal husbandry industry in China, but also an cause for the high cost of livestock and poultry production products. On the other hand, the low utilization rate of feed protein in animals will lead to the fermentation of undigested proteins in the hindgut and consequently produce harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and cresol, which not only affect the intestinal health of animals, resulting in animal diarrhea, and reducing animal performance, but also aggravate the pollution to the environment. Improving the digestibility of feed protein is an vital measure to solve the above problems.Adding protease to animal diet is one of the effective ways to improve the digestibility of feed protein. At present, proteases on the market can be roughly divided into three categories according to the optimal pH when they play a role, namely, acidic, neutral and alkaline proteases. However, there are some problems in the practical application of them, which greatly limits their application. The heat resistance of raw acid protease is poor, while the heat resistance of neutral and alkaline protease is slightly higher than that of the acid, but the acid ...
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