2021.01.18 China Feed Additives Weekly News

Date: 2021-01-18
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Hi, my friends,I guess some of you must be interested with Vitamin and Amino Acid business. So here are some information about the China in the last week.Please note that: the prices were only quoted inside of China, the prices for trade would not be the same.

2021.01.18 China Feed Additives Weekly News

Vitamin News:

Vitamin D3 was quoted CNY130—CNY150/kg

Vitamin A was quoted CNY360—CNY370/kg

Vitamin E was quoted CNY68—CNY70/kg

Amino Acid News:

Affected by the increase in raw material corn and increased freight, the supply of amino acid is limited, and the domestic sales of amino acids have been raised.

Lysine 98% was quoted CNY10.8—CNY12/kg

Lysine 70% was quoted CNY5.8—CNY6.3/kg  

Methionine 99% was quoted CNY18.8—CNY19.5/kg

Threonine 99% was quoted CNY13.0—CNY15.0/kg

Valine 98% was quoted CNY24.0—CNY26.0/kg 

Tryptophan 99% was quoted CNY65.0—CNY68.0/kg 

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